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Hearst Center Master Plan

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Hearst Master Plan:
A study of options for renovation, expansion, or new construction

What is the purpose of creating a Master Plan?

The Hearst Master Plan is designed to provide a conceptual framework to potentially update and expand the Hearst Center, along with providing vital information to plan a fundraising campaign around this project.    

A Facility Master Plan is a guide of how space can be utilized based on the organization’s needs along with price estimates to implement a construction project, and not intended as final construction documents.  This step in a potential future remodel/expansion project to support informed decisions regarding how to prioritize Hearst needs for the next 30 years, and what can reasonably be accomplished.  

The Hearst site was evaluated and concepts were created to renovate/remodel the current facility, along with pricing an option to build a whole new facility on this site.

A public open house was held at the Hearst Center on October 24, where these visuals were presented, and the public had opportunity to ask questions and submit comments.

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