Pandemic Montages


Pandemic Montages is a virtual exhibition seen in the above video complication or via our Youtube Channel here of sixty full-color digital montages produced by artist and graphic designer Roy R. Behrens. Made during a two-month period in 2021—at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic—each work was made by extracting, altering, and recombining public domain components, such as black and white vintage photographs, typographic fragments, and diagrams. In most cases, components are digitally “colorized,” sometimes using AI (Artificial Intelligence) processes. The resulting pictorial images are deliberately provocative, pesky, and more or less unsettling. By the targeted use of ambiguity, the works (as well as their titles) are intended to trigger each viewer’s interpretive efforts.

Roy R. Behrens is an Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Scholar who taught graphic design, illustration, and design history for 46 years at various universities and art schools, including the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and (since 1990) the University of Northern Iowa. He retired in 2018. For more examples of his work, click here.