River Series by John Page has always hung in a special place in our home on Westwood Drive in Cedar Falls overlooking the Cedar River.

Bob was given his first print as a gift from the people at J.S. Latta, a school supply distribution company. It was hung in his office at College Hill Book Store. John Page was an art professor at UNI. Bob visited his studio and decided to collect the entire series to complete his first collection. He then discovered that one print consisted of just four prints. All are copper etching prints he had done of the Cedar River area in Cedar Falls.

In later years in conversation with Page, he was told only two complete series were available, Bob’s and John’s.

The gift to the Hearst Center came at the time of downsizing in living arrangements. Bob decided to keep them in Cedar Falls where the residents and visitors to the Hearst could appreciate earlier days in Cedar Falls.

We always enjoyed sharing them with friends who tried to recognize the area as John saw it, since the scene is backwards to the viewer.

—Bob & Rosemary Beach


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