Current Exhibitions

Michael Broshar

Michael Broshar: Recent Works
On view through August 12, 2018
View works by award-winning watercolorist with his compelling depictions of the Iowa countryside including areas along rivers, both monumental and decaying small town and city structures, and rural landscapes. Broshar's backgroun in architecture leads him to painting architectural subjects and capturing light through watercolor continues to intrigue him.




21 etchings

21 Etchings and Poems
On loan from the Syracuse University Art Collection
July 28 - September 9, 2018
Closing Reception: September 6, 2018 from 5:30-7 p.m.
21 Etchings and Poems was a landmark publication (1960) that had a profound impact on contemporary art and culture. As a first-of-its-kind collaborative project, 21 Etchings and Poems paired poets with visual artists, under the direction of artist Peter Grippe. Each print includes a poem-etched in the poets' handwriting, incoporated into a design by the artist. Partnerships for the project include well-known artists and poets such as Peter Grippe and Dylan Thomas, Willem de Kooning and Harold Rosenberg, Letterio Calapai adn William Carlos Williams, and Franz Kline and Frank O'Hara, among others.

See You, See Me: An Interactive Drawing with Thread
Inspired by the collaborative spirit of the work on view as part of 21 Etchings and Poems, visitors to the gallery are invited to participate in this meditative artwork by the group Art Can Help, which highlights the intimacy of shared common space and the power of human connection. This interactive drawing performance will be ongoing during the reception.


River Series by John Page

Virtual Exhibitions

River Series by John Page
(Click to view)

John Page is a Michigan-born American artist. Educated at the Minneapolis School of Art (now Minneapolis College of Art and Design), Art Students League of New York, University of Michigan, and the University of Iowa, he taught for many years at the University of Northern Iowa.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Original Book Illustrations by Gary Kelley (Click to view)



Upcoming Exhibitions


Dave Wieland Photography
August 23 - September 23, 2018
Opening Reception: August 23, 5:30-7 p.m.
Dave Wieland, Cedar Falls resident and City Council member, exhibits images from his long history as a photographer. Images include a visual record of destruction of 9/11, taken shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center, as well as historic images of a major fire in Waterloo in the 1960s.

ASSEMBLY: The Work of Dazzle Camouflage
October 5 - November 25, 2018
Opening Reception: October 5 from 5:30-7 p.m. Sponsored by Friends of the Hearst
Dazzle Camouflage is the break-up of an object by constrasting shapes on its surface-for example, when the patterns of venetian blinds are cast across an object, or, in tennis, when teh shadows of a chain link fence make it hard to find the ball in the grass. Tihs same approach was widely used to make it confusing for German submarines to target Allied ships during World War I. The wartime camouflage of ships depend on the collaborative work of many hands-both women and men, both military and civilian-including people who were trained as artists, graphic designers, architects, stage designers, strategic experts, and so on. Using historic imagery, dazzle plans and other artifacts from the collection of author and designer Roy Behrens(a widely known camouflage scholar), this exhibition focuses on the delivery of those people, and the ingenious results of their efforts in designing naval camouflage.

Resistance + Rescue: Photographs by Judy Ellis Glickman
October 5 - November 25, 2018
Opening Reception: October 5 from 5:30-7 p.m.
Hosted in collaboration with the UNI Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education, in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the rescue of the Jews of Denmark.






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